The kitchen is my happy place.

But for so many of our clients, the kitchen is anything but that. For them, the kitchen represents stress, overwhelm, confusion, and lack of time.

Preparing healthy and delicious food for ourselves and those we love is an art and a skill that few of us are taught. When you layer on health issues, special diets and food sensitivities, it can truly feel like an insurmountable task. Especially when work is full, parenting is demanding and that dang to-do list is endless.

My services are custom-fit to each and every client. Here are some examples:


  • I can work with your food list and taste preferences to craft a doable, delicious and nourishing meal plan. Think your list is too long? Nah, just try me: I’ve seen it all!
  • Picky eaters in your house? I specialize in kid-friendly recipes and nutrition hacks, to get the right foods into your kids with rave reviews. 
  • Want to involve your kids in the kitchen? Teaching my girls (ages 3 and 7) to cook and participate in the kitchen has been one of my great joys. I’ve got tons of ideas to get the whole family enthusiastic and helpful in meal prep. 
  • Want to become a better, more efficient cook? From knife skills, to prep shortcuts, to recipe templates, to food storage and MORE. Learn the food skills you need to thrive. 
  • Fallen off the wagon and don’t know where to start? I offer destination private cheffing support. Bring me anywhere to get you on track and/or to train your household staff.

“James’ meals and recipes heal the body and consistently delight the taste buds. When I work with him, my patients come back with rave reviews!”

Alejandro Junger, MD

Bestselling author of Clean and Clean Gut

Your first step? Book a Kitchen Deep Dive Assessment.

I want to provide exactly the kind of support you and your family are needing in the kitchen. If you’re interested in working together, the first step is to book an initial session to craft our game plan.

From this initial conversation, you’ll get recommendations you can implement right away along with a custom-designed plan for our work together. As part of the process, I’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your food restrictions, taste preferences, family needs and more – so you’ll get a big picture look at how your food life can start to transform.

Case studies

Curious about what our work together could look like? Take a few minutes to read what my clients and colleagues have to say, in the stories below. 

Dr. Mike Carragher

Dr. Mike Carragher

Founder and Medical Director, The Carragher Method @ The Body Well

I frequently refer my patients to James for private cheffing and meal support, because his food is delicious and top-notch quality. In my experience with patients, they have to like what they’re eating or else they’re not going to stick with their plan. James always delivers. 

He is a master with sauces. He can work with any kind of restricted diet and make it interesting. 

I’ve found that you can tell a patient what to eat, and you can give instructional materials on how to eat. But, for people that aren’t used to making healthy food choices and preparing food themselves – it can be a very difficult process. 

Working with James takes the guesswork out of what to eat, how to make it taste good, and what’s needed to stick to a plan. 

In addition, James’ sourcing is meticulous. All the fish is wild-caught, all meat sources are from pastured animals, all produce is organic. He pays attention to using the right kind of oils for different cooking temperatures. This is all so important. 

My patients’ success rates are so much higher with his support. Two weeks with him and they’re dropping pounds and making real changes.

Lori Pool

Lori Pool

Founder, Life Fire

After interviewing several chefs to work with us on our new restaurant concept, the moment we connected with James, we knew he was our guy. He was special. It was kinda like a lightning bolt.

A skilled chef with deep knowledge of healthy food preparation and the industry, we brought James into the team to collaborate on our menu, guide us on health ideology, and help bring our vision and business plan to life.

He helped us move beyond what we thought we could achieve. 

As each concept was teed up, rather than moving forward with his own vision, he was great at asking clarifying questions to make sure he was clear on our goal.  We could always count on him to help sort out the various trends and terminology, clarify our objectives and improve the whole process.

James is capable of effective and deep collaboration. On top of that, he’s just an awesome human being.

He understands the process of give and take, sharing knowledge and nurturing a creative project. There’s a positive energy, a goodness about him, that comes across from day one. What’s more, he brings a very healing and calming presence to every encounter.

You simply couldn’t find a more caring and thoughtful collaborator.

It takes someone who can brainstorm when you hit a wall, and you’re thinking, “I know this could be better. What’s missing? What can we do differently in the technique? What additional ingredient will take it over the top?” Those interactions with James were critical to the project’s success. 

Rarely in life do you find all of these qualities in one person: great at what they do, fun to work with, great personality, and top notch integrity. 

Not only did he become a part of our team, he became a part of our family. We love you, James!

Wes Okerson

Wes Okerson

Personal Trainer

James and I shared several high profile celebrity clients, combining my fitness coaching with his food. These are people with high stress jobs, and usually a huge demand on the body. I noticed significantly better results when James was in charge of food: 

#1 Satisfaction: Clients were on board with James’ food, and could trust that it would be tasty, without setting them back on their goals. James always made sure to have a huge variety of flavors. All organic. All aligned with their specific health goals.

#2 Mood: When people can count on great food, without having to think or overthink about what to eat, it makes a huge difference. With high pressure health goals and very little extra time, having James’ food had a significant impact on their daily experience.

#3 Physique: With one client in particular, I remember his entire physique changed during the period that James came on the scene. He was getting fuel, putting on more lean body tissue and losing fat. And he would stick to the plan because he liked the food. 

James is a rare combination. Sometimes you have a chef cooking for taste, but the portion size or macro-nutrient balance are off. Or, you have a traditional nutritionist, where the food just doesn’t taste good or is too boring. With James, it’s like having a chef and nutritionist in one, where the food is tasty and geared towards their health goals. I highly recommend him for all my clients.


Check out some instant-access resources.

If you’re interested in working with me, but want to explore a bit more before booking your assessment, here are a few great places to start:

Immune-Boosting Gummy Book

Support your household’s immune system with these delcious, kid-approved gummy recipes and step-by-step instructions. 

Nourishing Recipes

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Looking for recipes that align with your diet? Browse over 400 delicious and simple recipes!

The Naked Foods Cookbook

The whole-foods, healthy-fats, gluten-free guide to losing weight and feeling great. One of Margaret and my first collaborations!

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To book your assessment with James, begin by sumitting your contact info below.


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