Melissa Pharr

Case Study

Age: 35

Location: New York, New York

initial health concerns:

Candida, negative body image, sugar cravings, anxiety, weight loss

“My transformation
is not just physical,
it’s everything.”

When we first started working together, I was dealing with serious Candida symptoms which were wreaking havoc on my life. I had intense sugar cravings, I wasn’t at my ideal weight, and I was also struggling with body image and anxiety.

My cravings for sugar were so intense that I would be unable to focus in the afternoons.

I would often go and binge on sugar and bread, and then feel ashamed and beat myself up for it. Despite all these challenges, I had always been very health conscious. I was even a professional personal trainer at one time.

The most frustrating part was that I was doing all the things that I thought were “right”, and it still wasn’t working.

It had become a big enough issue that I knew I needed to get help. I had a friend that had worked with Margaret and raved about it, so I reached out.

Now, I very much value the fact that there is an inner part to this work and an outer part of this work. And while I am not afraid to look at what’s going on emotionally, when I came to Margaret I was honestly not looking for someone who was going to tell me I needed to love myself more.

I was looking to have tangible ways to get results, and go on something that wasn’t just based on a hunch.

The first thing Margaret did was test for food sensitivities. I knew this was going to be an issue, because my body was really mad even though I was eating healthy things. Turns out, some of the things I was eating that I thought would help, actually hurt, based on my test results.

The experience of working together was, and is, really incredible. Whether I need emotional support or to tackle a physical symptom, Margaret can always hold that space for me. Margaret and I both believe all these things are connected.

I don’t have to censor, or minimize symptoms, or feel embarrassed by my experience.

It’s very clear to me that Margaret has a passion and continues to study. She’s always read the latest thing, she’s always up to speed on the latest findings and latest tests. I value her expertise so much.

What’s my life like now?

  • All symptoms and markers of Candida are completely vanished. 100% gone.
  • I can’t remember the last time that I went on some kind of sugar binge. I really don’t have sugar cravings any more.
  • It’s become a way of life for me to eat foods that make me feel good, and I don’t feel deprived.
  • If I do want to eat something that doesn’t usually make me feel good, then I’ll enjoy it. And because my body is so much healthier, the consequences aren’t so bad. Margaret holds a space that has allowed me to have more grace with myself in this way.

Looking back, I came to Margaret because a part of me knew that I wanted to be a mom, on a deep subconscious level. She was actually the first person that I told I wanted to be a mom, which I’m now taking steps towards.

I think I’ve spent the last few years taking exceptional care of myself because I’ve learned how to do that for me – but also, it’s huge to know I won’t pass on a bunch of terrible body image stuff to a little girl when she does arrive.

My transformation is not just physical, it’s everything.

For anyone who is thinking about working with Margaret, the thing to realize is that having a healthy body is not just about a diet.
It’s a holistic process, a lifestyle. If you want that, then have a conversation with Margaret. It will change your life.


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