John Burkle

Case Study

initial health concerns:

Hypertension, low energy, anxiety, excess weight, bad sleep, poor recovery. 

  • His wife: Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • His Kids: Digestive Issues

“I’m a better dad and  husband because of the work I’ve done to take care of my body.”

I remember the night I heard someone mention Margaret’s name, about 5 years ago. At the time, my wife and I had started to try to figure out how to eat healthier.

Before Margaret, we had tried eating Vegan, Vegetarian and Paleo. We had researched a lot and were beginning to get a grasp on what was going into our bodies. 

We knew we wanted to have a family. I had hypertension and I was overweight. My gut was a mess. I was a mess, mentally. I just didn’t have a good understanding of what being truly healthy was. 

Our goal when we first started working with Margaret was to get a handle on my wife’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

She had been on medication her whole adult life, but through her work with Margaret she got off meds and has stayed off them for years. 

Fast forward to now, we have two small children under the age of three, and my wife is able to play with them, exercise, go on hikes. It’s been incredible. 

Meanwhile, as my wife dove into the process with Margaret, it opened up this whole new world of what is possible for both of us and our family. 

Before I started with Margaret, I had no idea what to expect. Looking back, I’ve honestly never felt better in my life. 

Some of the protocols have been daunting, for sure. But I love knowing what is going on inside my body with the blood tests, various GI tests, etc. As a result of our work together, my energy levels are way up even with two young kids (and the lack of sleep that comes along with that). 

Even with my extremely rigorous training schedule, work schedule and parenting life – I still have energy, I never feel exhausted, and when my head finally does hit the pillow, I sleep great. 

Athletically, I’ve noticed that my recovery is way faster. My mental focus is faster. I’m really, really strong. At 38 years old, I’m able to race with the best of them. 

Margaret has also supported my kids with some health issues that have come up for them. She’s helped get my son’s microbiome back up and running, and shown us how to take care of him from the inside out.  

I love my kids more than anything, and knowing that the stuff that’s going into their bodies is helping them grow and expand into who they are — it’s so important to me. 

I really don’t know how to properly express the difference working with Margaret has made it my life and in my family’s life. I’m not sure words can do it justice. I’m a better dad and definitely a better husband because of the work I’ve done to take care of my body from the inside.

If you’re considering working with her, I say 120% – do it! It has been such a life changing thing for us, I recommend this work to anyone who will listen to me. If you’re willing to be patient and listen to Margaret, you will see the results you want and you will feel better.


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