True stories

What’s it like to work with us?

“My transformation
is not just physical,
it’s everything.”

Melissa completely reversed her candida, elimated her intense sugar cravings and is preparing for a whole new chapter.

“I’ve honestly never felt better in my life.”

John was able to address his hypertension, low energy, anxiety, excess weight and bad sleep.

“My advice is: run, don’t walk to this work.”

Read about Kate’s journey of healing her debilitating fatigue and getting her energy back, naturally.

“3 months into working together, I found out I was pregnant. It was a miracle.”

Laurel suffered with infertility connected to her auto-immune disease, but was able to turn it all around. 

Praise from Andria’s clients

I knew from the first meeting that Andria was the right fit. She sat down with me and listened to my fears and concerns. She listened to my frustration with my own body. She listened to me. That was so important. We focused on gut health and nutrition to get my body going in the right direction and start to learn some healthy habits and routines. Andria helped me learn to meal plan. Not only that, she helped me learn to shop healthier! Andria has shown me that eating healthy is delicious. I don’t feel like my life is full of “I can’t.” Its full of healthier options.

Melanie P.

I have dieted for most of my life and never really felt good even when at my goal weight. I was sick of the yo-yo ride and tired of feeling bad, when a friend recommended Andria. She is the best thing that ever happened to me for my health. I am sleeping thru the night, have reduced anxiety, better thinking, better recall and am energized. Just an amazing feeling altogether and I am starting to have a healthy body image! Thank you Andria you are my nutritional lifestyle angel!!!

Lana Singer

Stories from Sara’s clients

After feeling stuck and unhappy about my body, I spoke with Sara about changing my eating and lifestyle habits. It was important for me to find someone who could relate to my situation and someone who was personable. Sara was that person for me! Since childhood I have dealt with Hashimoto’s but didn’t know too much about it or how my food habits affected me and my thyroid condition. Over a few months of Sara guiding me, I was able to make the positive changes I was hoping to find. Sara is very knowledgeable, understanding, encouraging and accessible!

Emily N.

The first thing we did was the food sensitivity testing and I was very stubborn at first to start the process of elimination. Once I gave it my all, it was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. The foods I had been eating, while they were clean, weren’t helping me. I was inflamed and always bloated, always really tired by 2 PM. The support and weekly contacts were very helpful and the check-ins held me accountable. The supplements she suggested I use were really top notch and couldn’t be found over the counter or anywhere that compared.  Sara equipped me with everything I needed to continue this on my own.

Virginia C.

Sara is a gem. I had been looking for someone to work with me on digestive issues that I’ve had since I was a child, as well as headaches, anxiety, and a variety of other concerns. I have recommended Sara to everyone! It’s taken me 6 months, but after following a protocol specifically designed for me and my initial test results, I’ve managed to keep my symptoms under wraps! Sara is always responsive, and I love being able to have easy quick video chat appointments. 

Rebecca T.

Praise for Ellen’s work

When I came to Ellen, I could not get out of bed due to debilitating migraines, and I could barely drink water without feeling severe nausea. I have Cushing’s disease, a thyroidectomy due to Cancer and no gallbladder. I was eating the standard American diet and had no experience with a clean whole foods diet.

However, I was lucky to find Ellen. She has so much knowledge and information to share, and she was wonderful at guiding me through her process without being pushy or judgmental. She provided high quality education in a way that was easy to understand and follow, and she helped me implement the dietary changes and complicated supplement protocol in a way that was not overwhelming.

After six months, the migraines are gone, my nausea is 75% better, bloating has improved, and my diarrhea has resolved. I cannot begin to say how much this has improved my quality of life. I would recommend Ellen without hesitation.

Krista J.

As a Kindergarten teacher, it is hard to leave the classroom during the day. When I first started working with Ellen, I often had to ask the Principal to cover me in the classroom while I ran to the bathroom to deal with my digestive issues. After six months, I feel 90% better. My energy and vitality have greatly improved, my digestive issues are minimal, and I know what foods trigger my gut issues. I have a food plan and a plan for my health overall. Now that I have my health back on track, I am pregnant which is exciting which I believe is the result of our work together. Ellen creates a welcoming environment while remaining very professional and made me feel confident in my journey. I highly recommend working with Ellen, she is amazing, and I appreciate everything she has done for me in my health journey! I can’t put into words just how thankful I truly am.

Alicia O.

Valerie’s Client Stories

I am so grateful for Valerie’s expertise and skills. Five years ago I contracted a bug-born blood disease. It dramatically impacted my life and caused long term auto-immune issues. About 2.5 years into that experience, I started working with Valerie. It was a major turning point in my health.

She was kind, understanding, and intuitive. Her suggestions were always insightful and she did a great job of communicating options and looking at the big picture. She also has been great at helping me become more in tune with my own body. She validates what I experience and has helped me learn to trust what my body is telling me.

In addition, my quality of life and overall food experiences have expanded significantly since working with her. I have gone from eating on a strict Auto Immune Protocol to being gluten and dairy free (which was a huge improvement and milestone for me).

She is well informed and stays on top of current research. I can always trust her to give me great recommendations for supplements and to be honest with me about where things are at.

It is hard for me to quantify in words how much she has helped me progress, and is still helping me. I do not want to imagine where I would be without her help.

Keryn A.

Valerie is amazing!! She helped me figure out which foods I needed to avoid and which I needed to add to my diet. I learned which foods cause my “foggy brain” and sluggish body. She also helped me use the foods I eat to give me more energy and motivation. I sleep better (and I am waaay less gassy–can I say that?) and just feel better overall. And though it wasn’t a goal, a happy side-effect of the dietary changes was that I lost weight from cutting out some of the foods my body didn’t handle very well. I didn’t realize how much I was just dealing with on a daily basis until I cut out certain foods and felt SO MUCH BETTER. I’ve had such a positive experience with Valerie that I have enlisted her help with two of my young daughters as well. She has helped us tackle digestion issues, anxiety, and skin concerns for them with great success.

Andrea H.

I am so impressed by Valerie’s knowledge and individual application of therapeutic nutrition. She has helped me and members of my family find solutions to various issues and health concerns. She tailors her work to each person individually, finding unique solutions to meet specific needs. She is passionate about serving others and helping people to build better, more nutritious lifestyles. She is real about the difficulties of finding good nutrition, managing family nutrition and making lifestyle changes. She is inspiring and makes it fun! Thank you Valerie for all you have done for me and my family!

Rebecca N.

What will your story be?

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