Laurel Galluci

Case Study

initial health concerns:

Autoimmune disease, infertility, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, underweights

“My medical doctors are dumfounded, in the best way.”

Before I started working with Margaret, I was searching for a practitioner who understood that I was trying to do things naturally, but also had a “get it done” approach. I had been working with a lot of other practitioners who were either too old-school medical, or just going around in circles with all the testing and not many results.

At the time, I was struggling with several related health issues:

  • My thyroid was not functioning, and I had all these crazy antibodies.

  • I was suffering from secondary Amenorrhea and really wanted to get my cycle back so that I could conceive a child. My reproductive hormones were totally out of whack, with no rhyme or reason.

  • Also, my digestive system was not on track, even though I was already eating a clean, organic, paleo diet. 

  • I was struggling with being underweight because my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients I was giving it. As a friend of mine put it, I had “million dollar urine”. 🙂

  • Plus, I was struggling with energy. I was really tired all the time. I was not able to do strenuous workouts, which was shocking as a former college athlete. I felt like I had a cloud over me all the time. My adrenals were shot.

Right before I found Margaret, I was working with one doctor who I thought was my last resort. He put me on some extreme hormones in order to get pregnant, and they made me so ill. My body didn’t want to accept them – I literally was shaking, super inflamed. It was a terrible situation and I was at the end of my rope.

I was so sad, and losing hope that I’d find a practitioner who heard me and understood my desire to solve my problem naturally.

Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about her husband’s success working with Margaret, which helped him resolve some similar issues to mine. I knew I had to try this, and I reached out right away. 

Working with Margaret turned everything around. My story is completely different now.

The first result from my work with Margaret was that 3 months into working together, I found out I was pregnant.

It was such a miracle. And it just got better from there. 

Over the course of our work together, Margaret helped me to achieve so many results: 

  • My body’s nutrient absorption is restored. 

  • My autoimmune deficiency (Hashimoto’s) is in remission. 

  • My thyroid levels have balanced out, and I’ve gotten off all medication. 

  • After weaning my first child, my cycles returned and have been normal since. (This was absolutely incredible – it had never happened, not even in high school.) 

  • I have so much more energy – I’m able to move, do cardio and HIIT workouts again.

My medical doctors are dumbfounded, in the best way. 

My experience working with Margaret couldn’t have been better. 

She really does have a resource for everything – from recipes, to videos, to tips. She is a tremendous resource. And she truly cares about her clients – I’ve seen that in her work with me and others. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Also, the quality of the supplements was the absolutely highest, cutting-edge stuff. You can’t find these things on Amazon. 

Working with Margaret is definitely the road less traveled. 

It’s pretty intense and it does take commitment, BUT it works. 

Looking back, by the time I got to Margaret I was at the end of my rope, so I really went for it. All in. It’s not for someone who is sort of wanting to get better. This work is for someone who wants to and has to get better. 


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