I was responding to emails as fast as I could between clients, my phone was ringing, I could hear one of the kids melting down in the next room, and I looked at the clock and realized there was absolutely no way I was going to meet my writing deadline. I could feel my stress levels reach a tipping point where all I wanted to do was scream and hit things.

Ever had that kind of day?

For so many of us, the pace of life gets to be almost unbearably fast and it can be really difficult to ramp down. Whether this is from general life stress, a traumatic event, anxiety… there are so many things that wind us up and it can be a real challenge to unwind.

One of my favorite strategies for quickly flipping that stress switch is a technique I learned years ago from Dr. Andrew Weil – a quick, easy and very effective process that will pop you out of stress state and bring you into your body, calm your nerves, and soothe your frazzled self. I explain why it works and how to do it here:



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What stress-busting techniques do you use to keep your cool? Tell us in the comments below!



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